Nevada Halal Co.

Recently the City of Reno ordered that we suspend all business activities until we get a grocery store in a commercial district.  Since the start, we had been performing our Islamic duties as a cooperative.  Once we offered our services as a BUSINESS, everything changed; the city and state want their tax revenue, and our government imposes itself to limit, control, supervise, regulate, and guide each aspect of business affairs. 

We refuse our business to be located near adult entertainment clubs, casinos, bars, night clubs, beer factories, drug dealers, sorority houses, college fraternity homes, animal exploitation facitilities, meth labs, and the list sadly goes on . . .   all of these exist in abundance in this biggest little city and most of them have government approvals.  "WE LOVE THIS PLACE!" is the common slogan displayed on government vehicles.

We hired attorneys and met with city officals and have concluded to shut down this business in its present condition.  If you found this website and wish to buy halal food products from us - we can no longer help you, subhanallah.

R E N O   n e e d s   a   b e a u t i f u l   h a l a l   s u p e r m a r k e t.

Halal is a holistic method of caring for, raising and processing meat for human consumption employed effectively for thousands of years.

As Human Beings, we are on top of the food chain; at Nevada Halal Co. we believe in honoring this God-Given gift to consume meat in a fashion that honors this responsibility.  Every single item is 100% Halal, free of any alcohol products or other harmful sales -smoking pipes and dangerous paraphernalia; this is a Riba-Free, Muslim run, family service. ALHAMDOLELAAH